Our mission

The Diocese of Asaba (Anglican Communion) is part of the Universal Body of Christ operating within the membership of the Church of Nigeria. We believe in the infallible Word and the sufficiency of the Word of God as our guide for daily living. We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as the only Begotten Son of God, the Only Way, the Truth and the Life whose death on the cross paid the price for our salvation, deliverance and healing.

Our vision is to faithfully and effectively carry out the divine mandate of winning the world for Christ and making all men and women members of the heavenly Kingdom. The task of expanding God’s Kingdom on earth is one which we can achieve by joyfully reaching out to the unreached in collaboration with any and all who have been so called by the Lord.

In a world that is strenuously pushing itself into Christlessness, we are affirming that the ultimate salvation of mankind lies in making Christ the cornerstone of every facet of our existence.
We therefore pursue a holistic ministry that enables the church to maintain Godly relevance. We want to achieve this through the preaching of the undiluted word of God using every opportunity at our disposal. Therefore, rather than shun the unsaved world, we reach out to it in politics, social development, church planting and discipleship.
Since we believe that the youths are not just the ‘‘Church of tomorrow’’, but the ‘‘church of today in action’’, we ensure that they are significantly carried along in our scheme.
Through the vibrant ministry to the Elderly, we ensure that those elderly people among us who have actively played their part in the years past, live through the sunset of their days in blissful preparation for their final union with their Maker.
We believe that there are many whom the Lord has called in other denominations like He has called us. We therefore do not shun any ecumenical associations which will enhance our vision to promote Christ and His Kingdom.
We will do our best to identify and collaborate with Christians in our locality and beyond, who suffer and are persecuted for their faith in Christ Jesus. We owe them a duty to bring them succor and relief in their afflictions.
This is the basis of our mission.